Zoom on Shrooms, Alf & Protests W/ Comedian Josh Adam Meyers

Zoom on Shrooms, Alf & Protests W/ Comedian Josh Adam Meyers Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Comedian Sara Weinshenk sits down W/Comedian Josh Adam Meyers. They discuss everything from zoom calls on shrooms to protests, The Goddamn Comedy Jam and his podcast on Spotify, The 500 podcast. Follow Josh Adam Meyers @joshadammeyers Instagram /Twitter

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  1. Trump 2020

  2. Sara “Not a Karen” Weinshenk

  3. jeez, my anxiety is wracked and I can’t smoke herb …

  4. 0:00 “I hope your day is full of..”
    3:51 A protest is a hike, right?
    8:47 Ain’t no Karen Weinshenk
    11:32 The 500 podcast and cryin’ over ALF
    17:16 JAM’s jams
    26:45 How the Goddamn Comedy Jam began
    36:18 “Powerdrive my comedy poon”
    40:49 Shroomin’ and zoomin’
    47:42 Shenksters
    50:06 Kratom
    52:54 JAM’s socials and sock surprise

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    Larry Phillips Jr. July 19, 2020 at 4:18 pm

    I need some alien socks 👽

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