Will A VP Kamala Harris Lead to Marijuana Legalization or Set it Back?

Editor’s note: Kris Krane, who occasionally contributes to CBE, wrote a Pro and Con set of views in Forbes that provides readers with a look at what a Biden/Harris win could mean for the marijuana Industry based on Harris’ track record. CBE thought this was an interesting read in laying out the potential ramifications of a successful Democratic ticket in November.

by Kris Krane

Disclaimer: When Kamala Harris was chosen as Joe Biden’s running mate last week, I couldn’t help but notice a sharp divide among supporters of marijuana policy reform on social media about the impact she would have on the issue. Many felt that her background as a prosecutor and longtime opposition to legalization before coming around in recent years meant that she was likely to revert to her past stance and echo Joe Biden’s lackluster position on the issue, effectively blocking any real chance of reform in the next four years. Others argue that her newfound support of the issue and sponsorship of key reform legislation provided hope that she could be the catalyst to federal legalization in a Biden administration. Virtually nobody seemed to find a middle ground. So I decided to take this to its natural extreme, writing two columns at once that make the case for both sides.

Pro: To read the case for why Senator Harris is the best thing to happen to marijuana since the THC receptor, [Read More @ Forbes]

Con: To read the case for why Senator Harris is the worst thing to happen to marijuana since Harry Anslinger, [Read More @ Forbes]


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