Weed Week: More Weed

Weed Week: More Weed Sponsored by SpeedWeed

We worked on the visual effects of a series of horror parody promos to promote Weed Week featuring buds as predator. Featuring 20 pounds of weed, these ads tease five days of marijuana-related programming leading up to 4/20.

Created as part of Weed Week on Viceland
SVP of Marketing: Meghan Kirsch
Director of Marketing: Michele Beno
Creative Director: Nate Coonrad / Jim D’amico
Director: The Glue Society
Design Director: Julie Ruiz
Director of Production: Amy Schriefer
Director of Production: Zeynep Zileli
Director of Photography: John Chema
Production Company: Will O’Rourke
Photographer: Jimmy Marble
Writer:Gabe Koplowitz
Production Designer: Sean Costello
Art Director: Gerry Weber
Editor: Tyler Christie
Sound Design: Dean White
Post Production Manager: Eric Psihoules
VFX: Hey Beautiful Jerk / Vice Visual Studio
Media Agency: Noble People

SpeedWeed – America’s Cannabis Delivery Service – https://speedweed.com

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