Top 10 Terrifying Animals That Actually Exist

Top 10 Terrifying Animals That Actually Exist Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Top 10 Terrifying Animals that actually exist. Have a high IQ and great sense of humor? You’re home!

Werewolves, zombies, Chupacabra and bigfoot (bigfeet?) aren’t real (or are they) but there actually is a very real and common lizard that squirts poisonous blood from its eye sockets. (We’ll show you this!)

Through the amazing and bizarre process of evolution – nature has created thousands of truly terrifying animals that actually exist.

They exist right now. A couple of them might be living in your garage.

Today we cover ten animals that we thought were scary, interesting or just plain ole amusing. You’ll get amazing facts, interesting facts. The top 5 will blow your mind.

We’ve got the Human Botfly which lays its eggs in human flesh. The Star-Nosed Mole, the Giant Isopod, the Giant Centipede and the largest spider on Earth: The GOLIATH BIRDEATER TARANTULA (shiver).

How about the Hairy Horror Frog who has the same super powers as Wolverine from the X-Men?

The Giant Isopod (aka terror cockroach of the sea), the Goblin Shark and a snake that looks like, well, you’ll have to judge for yourself.

Be warned! Some parts of this video are graphic! We did our best to keep the “spider eating” to a minimum (though we link to more graphic content below).

And, of course, Hecklefish weighs in with his inappropriate commentary and inexplicable disdain for Canadians (a people I adore, btw).

We had fun making this video. If you had fun watching, we’d love to earn your subscription!

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Links and Sources

Atretochoana Eiselti

Cyclops Shark

Giant Centipede

Giant Isopod (eating!) (eating!)

Goblin Shark

Goliath Birdeater Spider (graphic) (SO graphic)

Giant Horned Lizard

Horror Frog / Hairy Frog / Wolverine Frog

Human Botfly (monster inside me) (removal) (removal, GRAPHIC)

Star-Nosed Mole

— Contents of this video ———————
00:00 – Intro – Humans love to be afraid, AJ’s self tanner issue
01:22 – Logo
01:28 – Introduction
02:33 – Giant Horned Lizard (weaponized eyeballs)
03:57 – Giant Isopod (Roomba of the sea)
04:35 – Star-Nosed Mole (Canada’s most bizarre species)
05:34 – Amazonian Giant Centipede
06:08 – Cyclops Shark
06:53 – Goblin Shark (That face… shiver)
07:07 – Horror Frog / Hairy Frog / Wolverine Frog!
08:12 – Atretochoana Eiselti – It looks like a…
08:46 – Goliath Birdeater Spider – the biggest in the world
10:05 – Human Botfly – Larvae feed on human flesh (seriously)
11:52 – Thanks for watching! Please like and subscribe!
12:26 – Hecklefish riffing

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