Top 10 Scariest Places You Can Actually Visit 👻

Top 10 Scariest Places You Can Actually Visit 👻 Sponsored by SpeedWeed

The Top10 Scariest Places You Can Actually Visit

Do you love scary places, haunted houses, abandoned mines and ghost towns? Have you ever noticed that every list for “Scariest Places in the World” or “Creepiest Locations in the US” contain places that you can’t really visit?

We’re going to fix that!

Here are the top 10 spookiest places in the United States that you can actually visit — right now, today.

If you’re on the East coast, West coast or in the middle of the country, we’ve found a ghostly, haunted location that you can check out right now — if you dare.

Whether you’re a serious paranormal investigator or just enjoy the darker side of history, this video has something for you.



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Sources, research and links of interest:

Eastern State Penitentiary – Philadelphia, PA
(Doesn’t get spookier than an old prison)

The Whaley House – San Diego, CA
(The most haunted house in America)

Mineral Springs Hotel – Alton, IL
(Alton, IL – Scariest small town in America)

Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum – Weston, WV
(Nothing scarier than an old “lunatic asylum”. Yikes.) (Walter Freeman Lobotomies) (Official Facebook page)

Fort Delaware State Park, DE
(Haunted Civil War POW camp) (tour info) (New Jersey mass grave) (Captain John S. Swann’s diary of his time as a prisoner there)

Waverly Hills Sanatorium – Louisville, KY
(64,000 people died here, but only 11,000 have been found. Where are they??)

Ohio State Reformatory — Mansfield, OH
(One of the scariest places on earth) (Escape room at prison) (Ghost hunt) (Shawshank filming locations) (Lester Eubanks escape)

Vulture Mine, Vulture City — Wickenburg, AZ
(Ghost town and abandoned mine) (Story video)

Lake Shawnee Amusement Park — Princeton, WV
(No creepier place in my mind) (Great video) (Day and night tour) (Ghost hunt)

Abandoned subway system — Cincinnati, OH
(Not necessarily haunted, but definitely scary!) (Story) (Excellent video)

— Contents of this video ———————
00:00 – Do you believe in ghosts?
01:22 – Logo
01:28 – Introduction
02:38 – Eastern State Penitentiary
04:41 – Trans-Allegheny Lunatic Asylum
08:04 – The Whaley House
10:52 – Lake Shawnee Amusement Park
12:38 – The Abandoned Cincinnati Subway
14:24 – Vulture City, Vulture Mine
16:27 – Ohio State Reformatory
19:12 – The Mineral Springs Hotel
21:27 – Fort Delaware State Park
23:30 – Waverly Hills Sanatorium
25:18 – Thanks for watching!

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