The Most Secret Places in the World – And What Really Happens Inside

The Most Secret Places in the World – And What Really Happens Inside Sponsored by SpeedWeed

The Most Secret Places in the World – And the wild theories about what really happens inside.

In the modern world, places are supposed to be accessible. People move freely around the country they live in and even between countries. However, the most interesting, fascinating and mysterious locations in the world, even today, are strictly off limits to just about everyone.

Most of the places on this list are only accessible to those with the proper clearances, but some are not accessible to anyone at all. Regardless of the status of the places on this list, if you’re searching for them, you absolutely do not have the proper access to visit them.

The tantalizing status of the unknown and the secret makes these spots remarkable. You probably have your own theories about what goes on at some of these locations. If you don’t, we’ll provide some. You may not have ever heard of a few of these places. In fact, there are government facilities in the United States — and around the world — that are unknown to people even in the highest levels of government.

Let’s find out why.



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Area 51, Groom Lake, Rachel, Nevada, US – UFO Research

RAF Menwith Hill, North Yorkshire, UK – The ECHELON Project – Global Surveillance and Spy Station

Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, Virginia, US – FEMA Operations Center, Government Relocation Facility, Continuity of Government Location – Underground Secret Bunker

Mount Yamantau, Mezhgorye, Russia – Nuclear Research? Underground Bunker? Nobody knows

Top Secret Town – Mezhgorye

Svalbard Global Seed Vault, Spitsbergen, Norway – Global Seed Bank in the event of natural (and man made) disaster

Vatican Apostolic Secret Archives, Vatican City, Rome, Italy – 1,200 years of secret Vatican documents

Chinon Parchment – Pope Clement V absolves the Knights Templar of crimes against the church

Chinon Parchment

Room 39, Pyongyang, North Korea – Secret Bureau that creates income for the leaders of the party

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00:00 – Making History
01:12 – Logo
01:16 – Introduction
01:58 – Area 51
05:15 – Menwith Hill
08:06 – Month Weather
09:55 – Hecklefish Wants Love
07:17 – Mysterious Nines
10:10 – Yamantau Secret Facility
11:14 – Global Seed Vault
13:29 – Vatican Secret Archives
16:35 – Room 39
18:28 – Thanks for watching!

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