The Dog Suicide Bridge | Why Have Hundreds of Dogs Jumped?

The Dog Suicide Bridge | Why Have Hundreds of Dogs Jumped? Sponsored by SpeedWeed

THE DOG SUICIDE BRIDGE. In Dumbarton, Scotland, there’s a 19th-century gothic bridge that crosses a 50-foot ravine. It’s *officially* called Overtoun Bridge. But it’s *unofficial* name is the “dog suicide bridge.”

Built in 1895, the ornate bridge leads up to Overtoun House, a 19th century manor built by wealthy industrialist James White on the outskirts of the village of Milton in the Scottish Lowlands. It spans Overtoun Burn, a deep gorge with a small river.

Hundreds of dogs have attempted to commit suicide by jumping off this bridge. Stories about Overtoun Bridge are all over the internet and have been featured on the TV series The Unexplained Files. There’s even an entire book dedicated to the phenomenon.

But despite all this attention, the mystery is still unsolved.

Let’s find out why.

Tinfoil hat stories:

Weird Science:

Science Science:




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  1. a couple of times when a jumping dog survived they shortly after, started losing hair until they were nearly the dog equivalent of bald.

    weird stuff

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