Tank Guy, Bird People, Litter boxes & Frat Guys W/ Comedian Josh Potter

Tank Guy, Bird People, Litter boxes & Frat Guys W/ Comedian Josh Potter Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Comedian Sara Weinshenk sits down w/ Comedian Josh Potter they talk everything from Josh’s cleaning intervention to how he’s become a ‘cat-guy’.

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  1. If Josh Potter pushes everyone away he’ll have everyone waiting at his front door. LOL

  2. Are all stoner chicks this hot?

  3. Solid pod-cast Sara! Remember Ali… pregnancy as a career move?

  4. I’m here to hit blunts and pet lizards.

  5. 0:00 “Hope your day is full of..”
    4:01 “What day is it?”, Cleaning house
    10:54 Quarantine Stage 4: Sourdough Loaf
    14:43 Catguy, Batman, and Iguanabitch
    17:22 “The Tank Guy”
    24:48 “I learned _weed_ in college”
    35:20 Consequences will never be the same
    40:43 Sponge the smush, lick the bufo
    45:43 Where to find JP

  6. Make your interviews longer please 🥺

  7. Hahah my mom has been making bread

  8. BIRDs are amazing, the coolest. Pray for bird species (all animals) tho, like fuck how sad will it be when we dont have the dope creatures, that you get to learn about as kid and are so amazing. Earths most awesome thing truely , those parrots n macaws kakapos. 💨💨💗

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