Settlers of CATAN Virtual Edition – #25 | GEGGHEAD

Settlers of CATAN Virtual Edition – #25 | GEGGHEAD Sponsored by SpeedWeed

25th Episode and its also the 25th Anniversary of Catan! Heartbreak Kid Rio defends last weeks title and has a chance to tie Shawna for most overall wins with a victory today. But as we all know, anything can happen in the hexagon arena known as Catan. (Season Finale) #GEGGHEAD #CATAN #youtubegaming

Jon Lee Brody (@Jon Lee Brody)

“Heartbreak Kid” Rio Magdaleno (@rio_magdaleno)
Kaily Buemi (@KailyBuemi)
Shawna Waldron (@somethingnamedshawna)
Gerard Cole (@iamgerardcole)

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Filmed on location at Betterbox TV in Hollywood, CA

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(NOTE: What you’re watching here is a replay of what was originally streamed live on our Facebook page on November 20, 2020)

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