Rain of Terror – Spiders, Frogs, Meat, Fish from the Sky

Rain of Terror – Spiders, Frogs, Meat, Fish from the Sky Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Don’t look up! It’s a rain of terror. We’ve all heard stories about raining frogs and fish. They’re not new. Homer, Pliny the Elder, even the Bible document the raining of frogs and fish. As they said in Magnolia “it really happened”.

But what about raining spiders? It happened — recently. In Australia, millions of baby spiders rained down, covering the entire countryside with silky webs. In Brazil, spider rain wasn’t really rain — but it was still terrifying.

Raining blood? Well, it didn’t really rain blood, except that one team — The Kentucky Meat Storm — when it did. Yes, the Kentucky Meat Storm.

Raining snakes? It happened (though not exactly how most YouTube lists document). Raining worms? Oh yes. Even in the snowy mountains of Scandinavia — in March.

In June 2009, the entire country of Japan was covered in tadpoles. They were first spotted in Ishikawa, on the West coast of Japan but dead tadpoles were reported in towns and cities everywhere.

Did you know the famous 1958 horror movie “The Blob” is based on actual events? In 1950, Pennsylvania police officers documented an eye witness account of “star jelly”, a gelatinous substance that either contains or does *not* contain DNA, depending on who you ask.

A rain of animals is a rare meteorological phenomenon in which flightless animals fall from the sky. Such occurrences have been reported in many countries throughout history. Is the phenomenon due to waterspouts? Predatory birds? Or something… else?

Let’s find out why.



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— Contents of this video ———————
00:00 – It’s been raining animals for a long time
00:56 – Hecklefish does a musical number
01:23 – Logo
01:31 – Phenomenon of animal rain
05:14 – Spider rain
06:35 – Worms from the sky
08:14 – Red rain, blood rain, meat from the sky
11:30 – Snakes from the sky, Memphis snake rain
13:20 – Raining tadpoles all over Japan
14:31 – Storm of frogs (Hungary and everywhere)
16:04 – Star Jelly (inspiration for The Blob)
18:27 – Thanks for watching!

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