Pete Holmes Sampler- JW #147

Pete Holmes Sampler- JW #147 Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Pete Holmes Sampler of episode 147 of Jeremiah Wonders. Watch the full episode here!:
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Sampler Edited by Evan O’Lear

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  1. I just imagine the podcast with Pete IS the sampler. How can you fit that glorious man under 2 hours let alone 12 minutes? How much riffing is left on the cutting room floor???

  2. Can you pin this comment? I’ll moisturize your elbows after a bowl of cereal…

  3. Reply
    TimaciousDFiftyThree _ October 23, 2020 at 6:54 am

    I will watch both Jeremiah. Be happy to

  4. Hey guys! How do you like this new “Sampler” idea? Let me know!
    If you dig, I’ll start doing them for episodes every week and even start doing them for old episodes occasionally! 🙂
    There’s also some fun exclusive special effects in this sampler version!

  5. Great idea Jeremiah! P.S. It totally looks like someone is sitting behind you, with their arms through your shirt, like the old “camp” skits. 😂

  6. Hey Jeremiah! I am very happy you decided to start doing these. I thoroughly enjoyed this one and I’m looking forward to subsequent samplers. I’m curious which old episodes will be the first you decide to samplerize.

  7. I can eat my sandwiches with or without crust

  8. Brilliant. I’ll admit I’m a guest based fan of most podcasts. Althooough. If you Pete and Adam teamed up for a podcast network I’d jizz myself into my mouth through my pants and underwear.

  9. Love the idea

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