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Frequently Asked Questions
What is SpeedWeed's commission?

About ten bucks.

How do I connect my menu?

Using APIs from our system to yours — or from yours to ours. We’ll figure it out.

How am I notified of orders?

How would you like to be notified? Text? Email? API call? Or just join our Slack channel. You receive notifications in real-time as orders come in.

Who handles customer service?

We will handle as much up front support as we can. If a customer is looking for a status update or has a problem, we’ll work with you on a solution.

How do customers pay?

Cash, Credit card or Crypto (bitcoin). Paid online or at the door.

How much control do I have over my presence on SpeedWeed?

As much as you want … or none at all. If you simply want to have your menu on SpeedWeed, done. Want to manage individual products, categories, coupons, customers, drivers, customer service agents, bulk email lists, logos, assets, and all that good stuff? Cool.