Only Fans, Sister Fights + Pandemic Comedy W/ Comedian Kimberly Congdon

Only Fans, Sister Fights + Pandemic Comedy W/ Comedian Kimberly Congdon Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Comedian Sara Weinshenk sits down W/Comedian Kimberly Congdon & Alex Scarlato. They discuss everything from comedy to sister fighting.

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  1. sweetness

  2. Reply
    HisRoyalDudeliness July 1, 2020 at 9:46 am

    Sara, it’s the end of the world. Bygones homie, let me beat up dem flaps.

  3. I don’t like these kinds of isolated podcasts…we miss out on those legs!

  4. Great ep, Kim is a great guest you’ll both have to get on Rogan again when he moves to Spotify

  5. OnlyFans only if you weren’t a comedian? Kerryn Feehan does both.

  6. I’m ready to wife you Sara!

  7. How are the comedy club waitresses going to function in the future? They need to get real close to the customers so they can hear what their drink orders are.

  8. 0:00 “I hope your day is full of..”
    5:30 Waffle House gettin’ lucratrive with the side hussle
    11:58 Scary Thoughts: Return of the Standup, Open Mics Revenge
    18:52 Hoopin’ hard, Slip N Slides, and camel-toe coffees
    23:18 What are you wearing? Bikes and kites: required skills
    29:13 What is dating, anyway? also.. this mic smells like bigfoot’s dick
    37:55 T-Break time? Nah… Ya’ll can catch these hands
    43:56 Tickity-tock..
    50:08 KC’s plugs

  9. Can you please have Mike from Redbar on the show?

  10. Best duo out there!

  11. babefest

  12. This is awful

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