MMA ROASTED #548 – Shang, Weendawg, and Sean McCorkle

MMA ROASTED #548 – Shang, Weendawg, and Sean McCorkle Sponsored by SpeedWeed

On this episode of the MMA Roasted Podcast, Adam, Shang, and Weendawg give their picks for UFC Fight Night: Lewis Vs. Oleinik.

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  1. This show died when mayhem left. Seriously no joke

  2. Jacob I have to disagree Adam can hold his own. Love mayhem tho.

  3. I love you guys

  4. Shang on drugs thinking Woodley can beat Colby

  5. Colby is the goat

  6. I’m genuinely curious, does anybody actually like Shang being on the show? I personally can’t listen when he is on.

  7. Best MMA Pod, no Cap,

  8. The Best.

  9. I think Shang has lost his mind. I don’t see how Cormier loses this fight. His wrestling is way better and they’re about even striking wise. Cormier got cocky and had the wrong game plan. Also it’s his retirement fight. He’s gonna have so much motivation to take Stipe out. Regardless I like Shang, he’s just off here lol.

  10. superb as always , thanks guys, SHANGS AWESOME ! , Mccorkle gets funnier every week 👍👍👍👏👏👏❤

  11. So the problem with the weed suspension thing is that it’s allowed out of competition and USADA only bans the use of it 24 hours before and after the fight, which would be a pretty simple rule to follow. The problem with that is, weed can stay in your system for up to a month and the testing they do to determine the last time you smoked is finicky at best. So that can lead to fighters testing positive on the in-competition test even though they were complying with the rules.

  12. To say dc doesn’t have a shot is delusional

  13. Is the guy on the top left a serial killer? Why is his background a human skull in the woods? Yikes 😳 😂

  14. Shane Colby finna melt t wood in the cage straight up

  15. Best mma podcast in da game, we need more big sexy fun tyme stories

  16. great stuff

  17. McCorkle is very intresting Adam…interview him give’em a chance

  18. Shang is delusional if he he thinks ufc playing to trump crowd Izzy jones Usman r black guy’s they r playing to lot’s of people’s like khabib in Muslims weli in China peter yan Russia alex to Australia ufc is fastest growing sports in the world Shang wtf u taking about

  19. Amanda for lgbt devidson 125 champ to Brazil i don’t see any company cater to diverse enough people if Shang can say about any other companies besides ufc

  20. Tell chang to quit taking over everyone and quit interrupting. But he is still tolerable than Greg whatever his name is..
    Always though. Great podcast

  21. Just here for the Brendan Schaub jokes

  22. Jordan Levitt said in the show he and his fiance are expecting a baby.
    Definately not gay.

  23. Weeddawgy dawg should break down fight more. Way better than the goate person.

  24. Adam called the NBA and asked them how to rank viewership rating as fast as possible.. they said listen it’s easy.. just put on the so called comedian who only wants to talk about race and SJW talking points all show… great job Adam!! I look forward to even less viewers going forward.. and that’s saying a lot lol

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