MMA ROASTED #547 – Don Frye and Jake Ellenberger

MMA ROASTED #547 – Don Frye and Jake Ellenberger Sponsored by SpeedWeed

On this episode of The MMA Roasted Podcast, Greg stops by to give his thoughts on Brunson Vs. shahbazyan, Adam and Jake talk about upcoming fights, and MMA legend Don Frye tells us what’s wrong with America! You do NOT want to miss this one!

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  1. Another phenomenal Pod, much love from Vegas!

  2. Jake “That’s a Good Fight” Ellenberger

  3. just got home from major surgery on my neck, in extreme pain , and you giuys still crack me up, thank you so much, this podcast restores your faith in humanity. Congrats on the special Adam, good things do happen to good people sometimes and its good to see. MMA Roasted for life !!! Superb as always 👏👏👏👏❤

  4. Never get enough don frye

  5. Don the legend.
    Can you have Mark Coleman or Mark Kerr on the show.

    Or Tank and Don, they still have a beef:)

  6. Awesome, i been looking for it, Adam!!!

  7. Adam Brock lesner w/o steroids hunter

  8. Love the show! Get Bobby Green on here if possible?!

  9. Another great episode !!! Stop reading the comments Adam 👍

  10. i push the like button before i watch these days.know what im gonna get,quality

  11. Thanks for having Don Frye on. I love that guy!

  12. This fucking podcast!!!!

  13. Sorry but when I hear Don start talking politics I gatta skip ahead until I hear common sense again!!

  14. More Don Frye, less Shane 👍

  15. They did it again. Roasted 4 Lyfe.

  16. The shorter Adams’s hair gets The more a think he’s telepathically bouncing thoughts between his four head and extraterrestrial beings

  17. I will never unsubscribe and love MMA Roasted but I will always hate on Shang and his lack of knowledge on any subject.

  18. Hey, Adam. Don Frye is a great guest if you’re trying to ostracise the few black people who listen to your podcast. but who cares about us….. truly. lol

  19. Don Frye for president.

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