Meme Daddy, Cancel Buffets & Bachelor/rette Parties Shenk x Shenk

Meme Daddy, Cancel Buffets & Bachelor/rette Parties Shenk x Shenk Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Comedian Sara Weinshenk sits down to answer your questions in this week’s podcast. She discusses everything from bachelor parties to buffets and potlucks during covid.

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  1. Great episode thank you 🙂

  2. Great episode! I’d love to hear more affirmations from inspirational thought leader shenk!

  3. I’ve been stressed af and your voice is _so_ relaxing. Glad I found you, Shenk 🤘🏼 x

  4. PS – I’ve actually started to bleach my hair in lockdown (as you can tell).

    New pandemic, new me. x

  5. Nice, just picked up so I’ll listen with fresh flower in lungs

  6. Stavvy Halkias would be a great guest imho

  7. ❤️ these solo episodes are deep

  8. Please have a Furby on as a guest.

  9. 0:00 “I hope your day is full of..”
    5:32 Top of the “We don’t need this in 2020” list
    9:00 Livin’ La Vida LOCO
    16:06 WANTED: Memehunters
    24:34 Libra love and lockdown level-ups
    29:42 “At least…”

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