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LEAH LAMARR | Acting, Comedy, Writing and Producing Sponsored by SpeedWeed

“I feel like I need to be objectified for more than just my body. I also want to be objectified for my brain.”  Actor, comedian, writer and producer LEAH LAMARR spent years in NYC studying acting and improv comedy there and later in LA. She cut her comedy teeth with people like Joe Piscopo and Ricky Velez, and is a 3-time champion in Jeff Ross and Brian Moses’ Roast Battles at The World Famous Comedy Store. Leah is the host of the “Falling In Love with Leah Lamarr” podcast. We discuss learning from your heroes, being socially conscious in trying times, and what it means to relentlessly pursue your goals. Recorded two weeks ago, for context. A funny and also deeply thoughtful talk; please enjoy.    FIND all things Leah at: http://www.leahlamarr.com Leah on Twitter and Instagram: @leahlamarr

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