KILL TONY LIVE STREAM – 08-03-2020 Sponsored by SpeedWeed

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  1. Good googly moogly

  2. Why haven’t they had a guest on during every quarantine episode? There are hella bored-ass comedians out there, even Donnell’s rambunctiousness was way better than a normal quarantine ep
    Also damn can Jeremiah act!
    (I know he always plays characters, but that was great)

  3. 4:10 Donnell Rawlings
    12:53 Kill Tony band
    16:40 Michael Lehrer
    24:50 Dave Weight
    37:13 David Lucas
    49:14 Smokey Augusta
    1:00:09 William Montgomery
    1:10:50 Molly Hail
    1:23:49 monologue off
    1:35:19 Redbans e-bike podcast

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  4. DonYELL is on the mike out H👂

  5. David 0-2 against Donnell

    damn bro lol

  6. Redban said, “I never considered frisbee gay…”
    Sure… Coming from the guy that likes Thai ladyboys🤣👌

  7. William should just fake multiple sclerosis for forever and try comedy that way

  8. Darnell is whack for not actually supporting David. Darnell yelling about the time he was not being funny by yelling was… not funny.

  9. Darnell just is a bad guest lol

  10. Very good William set. ROTFL Donnell was triggered. Duck Tales better theme song. Hilarious comedy show.