KILL TONY #472 Sponsored by SpeedWeed

LIVE STREAM FOR 09/14/2020

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  1. The only thing I give a shit about watching.

  2. Tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock tick-tock

  3. Can’t wait!

  4. Kill tony is tha shiiiizzzzzznetttt!!!!

  5. Should I go buy ice cream for this?

  6. We out here, Kill Tony fans Stand up!

  7. cant wait!

  8. At least we’ll know the sponsor ahead of time.

  9. I shot the sheriff! But I did not shoot those deputies

  10. I’m always on the edge of my seat thinking William montgomery is ganna go crazy there.

  11. Congratulations William Montgomery on becoming new head writer at HBO’s Perry Mason!!! You will be missed but we can understand.

  12. Is Tony still with us?

  13. Is William still with us ?

  14. Is William going to be sober tonight? Thumbs up for no

  15. hey guys! let the funny begin!!

  16. The William Montgomery Show feat. The Kill Tony crew.

  17. Austin’s own, Killtony.

  18. I got so excited seeing the mailmen back again

  19. Yeah doggy

  20. William is on point tonight!! Hahahah

  21. The censoring is such bullshit.

  22. Big red killed this one!!

  23. I just missed Williams set…. Perfect timing…..

  24. William Montgomery basically doing an infomercial for Ridge Wallet. Holy shit that was incredible!

  25. Woooo!!! 😂😂🎉

  26. William 🔥

  27. That was honestly Williams best set 😂😂😂😂

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