KILL TONY #471 Sponsored by SpeedWeed

LIVE STREAM FOR 09/07/2020

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  1. U should do an outside kill tony so u can have a audience

  2. Who saw Eric griffin on brothers in cursive dis William Montgomery hard smh. 👎🏽

  3. Keep bringing this incredible show….. it will be remembered for eternity

  4. playing on my heartstrings with the image

  5. When will it be William’s last set? He’s obviously isn’t growing anymore as a regular. Let him go and get new talent

  6. Have any of you had anything shot off with a laser?

  7. You guys don’t forget live chat on Discord @kill Discord

  8. I will be hahahaing soon with you. should send monee to my venmo

  9. I would gladly die for this show

  10. What and the fuck was that video in the beginning Miklel

  11. Wtf is up with that Shrek is love ass intro. If you don’t understand the reference for the love of god do not Google that.

  12. I fully support William Montgomery’s decision to join CumTown Podcast. Good luck in New York!!

  13. my girlfriend walked into the room, not knowing Kill Tony was on, saying “Wow I hate that William is on”

  14. He wants a 2 finger stimuli

  15. Williams improv way better if he’s drunk? Damn

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