Jeremiah Wonders… #162 – Roadcast/Buc-ee’s Mukbang w/ Tony Casillas & Peng Dang

Jeremiah Wonders… #162 – Roadcast/Buc-ee’s Mukbang w/ Tony Casillas & Peng Dang Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Jeremiah does a Roadcast Mukbang Fusion Podcast and learns about Chinese culture from Peng, Tony gets bullied on Tik Tok, Jeremiah deals with hecklers in Texas, and the guys explore listener-favorite treats from the world famous Buc-ee’s gas station and get way too full!
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0:00 Intro
2:45 Meeting Tony & Peng
11:58 Chinese & Culture
16:41 Jokes You Can/Can’t Make
20:00 Germany
24:04 From China to Alabama
27:18 Comedy in Other Languages
31:44 Buccee’s
42:44 Dallas-Fort Worth Comedy
50:18 Peng Gets a Skateboard
54:18 Hot Pecans, Jerky, and Nice Things
57:26 Jeremiah’s Favorite Food Spots
1:00:37 Childhood Nostalgia & More Food
1:06:21 Hecklers in Fort Worth
1:13:36 The Train & Social Media
1:15:50 More Hecklers & Getting Offended
1:27:08 Wrapping Up
1:28:54 The End

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  1. PHILLY loves Jeremiah

  2. It was great working with you in Austin! Hope to see you again

  3. Reply
    Privileged White Male January 18, 2021 at 7:14 am

    Tony reminds me of what you’d expect Tim Dillons son to be like.
    Also, I don’t suspect your channel to face it anymore than the 1-3 actual “positive bots” you coined the term for lol. They are real.. but there’s only a few and not always on every video. Depends on tags n stuff like that. But you’ll notice them because it’ll be a video about a mongoose eating a rattler and some random comment will be like:
    “I love your hair in this one! Your laugh makes me smile..”
    like who? The rattle snake? Lol

  4. Did you hear what Tony said at 1:04:14 on the newest Kill Tony?! Straight up doing you dirty, the show is not the same without you!

  5. Sah dew!!!!!!

  6. The “roadcast” are the tuxedo T-shirts of your podcast show. Real comfortable and Casual feeling, yet still looks like the real thing

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