Jeremiah Wonders… #161 – Jeremiah’s Dad (Ken Watkins)

Jeremiah Wonders… #161 – Jeremiah’s Dad (Ken Watkins) Sponsored by SpeedWeed

One of my favorite podcasts that I’ve ever done. With my DAD. He tells me stories of the wives he had before he got to my mom, how he lost his virginity, dumpster diving, religion and so much more!
I find out things along with you that I never knew about him.

0:00 Intro
02:25 Meeting Dadoo
03:44 Ken’s Second Wife
14:19 Ken’s First Wife
18:52 Religious Background
24:50 Success & Dumpster Diving
30:44 Another Log & Family Reunion
31:18 Ken’s Entertainment Career
33:30 Viagra
36:15 Sex Advice with Uncle Herschel
38:53 How I Met Your Mother
41:35 Ken’s Dad
42:27 Selling Cars
43:34 Starting a Family
46:02 Ken’s Resume
49:32 Marine Corps
51:53 Going to Bars & Drinking
54:24 How Ken Lost His Virginity
59:14 Ken’s Second Time
1:01:05 Politics and Gay People
1:06:38 Advice on Parenting
1:07:52 Wrapping Up
1:08:58 Some Links

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  1. What a cool guy.. you got a good dad man.

  2. The Papacast!

  3. Def watching this over 2 bears 1 cave!

  4. Texas!

  5. he got halitosis

  6. Snapper 🤣🤣🤣 surprised you’ve never heard that one before Jeremiah

  7. Glossy eyes

  8. “God rest her soul, I think she died of cancer” #snappertalk

  9. three minutes in, and I already don’t like your dad.

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