Jeremiah Wonders… #148 – Sara Weinshenk & Kim Congdon

Jeremiah Wonders… #148 – Sara Weinshenk & Kim Congdon Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Jeremiah wonders… with Sara Weinshenk & Kim Congdon!
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Edited by Gage Tijerina | Twitter @gagetijerina

Animation by:
Jeremy Sanchez
Michael Carrington
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Neka Schultz
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  1. I’m just here to say that Sara Weinshenk is one of the fakest people on the planet! She does a weed podcast and NEVER INHALES! I have watched her smoke weed a 1000 times and she has NEVER INHALED and she acts like she is higher than Doug benson

  2. You da man J

  3. Kim and Sara started out on KT and I would have never thought they would ever get paid to do comedy! Kim is funny now thank God

  4. Ok I’m out! 3 mins of Sara is all I can take!

  5. Sara is awesome!

  6. babe city!!!!!!!!

  7. Who else noticed Sarah aggressively trying to take over the hand rest?

  8. love you Jeremiah but whyyyyyy the black background?? Makes me feel weird and not in a good way

  9. Darryl looks like he would be a music or macrame instructor at the Christian summer camp I went to

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