Jeremiah Wonders… #141 – Yannis Pappas (History Hyenas)

Jeremiah Wonders… #141 – Yannis Pappas (History Hyenas) Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Jeremiah wonders… with Yannis Pappas from #HistoryHyenas !
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Michael Carrington
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  1. First thing that popped up. Blessed fo that. Can’t wait to experience this fucking episode!

  2. Keep up the great work Miah!

  3. Yaaaaaaasssssss

  4. Comedy is the spice of my life and you, dear J, are the bison steak spice mix. Great on fries.

  5. WAT-KINS nation 🤪

  6. Really honing in the Trump voice. 10/10

  7. Omg Mark Normand and Jeremiah are my favorite comics hilarious seeing J doing Mark

  8. I’m from FLORIDA and I feel FINE lmfao

  9. Discord doesn’t have a delay but you have to record it yourself with recording software.

  10. Little tortilla Jesus! ” Get down on your knees and repent aaaagggh”
    That’s the movie of the year right there

  11. Yaaaaassss! Yanni you look cuutttteee!

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