Jeremiah Wonders… #140 – Dr Phil & Mr. Fumnar

Jeremiah Wonders… #140 – Dr Phil & Mr. Fumnar Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Jeremiah wonders… with Dr. Phil & Mr. Fumnar!
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  1. lolol hell yea.

  2. Too legit to quit

  3. Fumnar Lives Matter!

  4. This is great

  5. you got a fumnar seminar? whats the title to your…..SCAM hahahaha
    these are the best!

  6. Hillarious! ‘We’ll be right back’ 👉

  7. Pure gold xD straigh fire this 2 xD

  8. Why is Joe Rogan paid so much when he doesn’t have half the jokes of Jeremiah?

  9. Holy shit, this is incredible (Dr Phil 2020)

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