Jeremiah Wonders… #139 – The Kill Tony Band

Jeremiah Wonders… #139 – The Kill Tony Band Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Jeremiah wonders… with The Kill Tony Band!
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Edited by Gage Tijerina | Twitter @gagetijerina

Animation by:
Jeremy Sanchez
Michael Carrington
@mikethemicycle (insta)
Neka Schultz
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Thank you Rich Young @_rich_young_ for the new curved soprano sax, and David Knowles for your help over at Menchey Music!

Poster art: @theartofgettingup

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  1. Best damn Band in the land


  3. Fun times. Thank you Jeremiah

  4. Kratom also grows Malasya Vietnam and parts of Tropical Africa & Nalay Green (along with medicinal mushroom suplments) helped me lower my blood pressure to normal levels 😉

  5. I’m Single 😍😥

  6. That intro jam was killer! You all have great synergy id love to hear more of those jams

  7. Jeremiahs mom is best part of the show . Especially combined with steebee weebee

  8. So super pumped for this!!!! Very kind J man

  9. Guys I think the KT band needs its own podcast with jam sessions and all, a wonderful mixture of music and comedy. Please at least make this a pretty regular thing for Jeremiah Wonders!!

  10. One time…. At band camp…. The best damn band in the land witnessed William Montgomery shove a tuba up his booty hole.

  11. be 311!

  12. Chroma as a golden girl lookin’ like Willem Dafoe

  13. No Tony to hush you guys up lol

  14. Joel needs to go

  15. This would be the worst and the best way to kick someone out of the band.

  16. Joel is the best. Such a genuinely great guy

  17. Caitlin Jenner bravest women I know, but bald joelina easily secures the number 2

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