Jeremiah Wonders… #138 – Joe List (Tuesdays with Stories)

Jeremiah Wonders… #138 – Joe List (Tuesdays with Stories) Sponsored by SpeedWeed

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  1. I’m here because I’m gay.

  2. love ya

  3. Tuesgays!!!!!!

  4. Shout out to Jeremiah for beating the shit out of Louis J Gomez!!!!

  5. That whole Grasshopper/Enya bit felt like a feverdream

  6. Damn pushing opioids on the internet!! Savage 🤣🤣 idk what it is really I stick to mushrooms

  7. Noice! Eric Andre some day?

  8. Reply
    dankoni ॐ nॐ nॐ August 17, 2020 at 9:31 am

    jeremiah… i love you and i’m not saying you should drop that sponsor, but you might want to change your read a bit. i’ve done a fair amount of research on kratom, but more importantly, i spent ~6 years addicted to opiates and used kratom many times over that ~6 years. i definitely don’t think it should be banned by any means, as it can be a godsend for withdrawal and coming off opiates, but make no mistake: kratom is definitely addictive (mentally and physically) and many people have od’d and died from it. just think about modifying that read 🙏😥

  9. Stopped listening at 35 minutes when it became about that terrible homosexual guy jack Johnson

  10. Why is Jeremiah staring at the camera the whole time? Or is it the video of himself? It’s super distracting.

    You can see when he actually looks at Joe. Down and to the left from Jeremiah’s perspective (right from ours). He looks occasionally when Joe is talking. But Jeremiah talks to his own image or the camera. And you can hear the distraction in his cadence and voice tone.

    I am a fan. I assume lots of people are annoyed by this whether or not they are conscious of the details. I hope this feedback is helpful.

  11. Love these two so much

  12. that enya bit is gold. jerimiah fan for life. though i didn’t like when you raised the volume lol..

  13. Tuesdays with stories is a terrible podcast.

  14. Praise Allah!

  15. Joe: “I wasn’t sure if I was supposed to come in there.”

    Sorry, Jeremiah, the correct Mark Normand answer was: “That’s what my priest used to say..”

  16. Chipotle tip: don’t look like you’re trying to scam a place that makes burritos or the people behind you will think you’re poor.

  17. If it’s not too much to ask…can Jeremiah start wearing his ‘chipotle foil grill’ in every vid intro?? 🤣😬

  18. Where can I get one of those shirts?!?!

  19. I had to rewatch the sax Mark Normand story. So good, Needs its own clip.

  20. Def gonna swing by and check you out when you’re in Minneapolis! Cant wait to see you, mang!!

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