Jeremiah wonders… #137 – Two Trumps

Jeremiah wonders… #137 – Two Trumps

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Jeremiah wonders… with Donald Trump & Donald Trump!
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  1. never clicked faster

  2. Adam looks like trump but Jeremiah sounds like trump

  3. Lmfaooooo

  4. This is gonna be great! Probably the greatest episode ever made. All the other episodes wish they could be as great as this.

  5. Tremendous job fellas

  6. Love you , but I think it’s kinda shitty to endorse a product you won’t and have not used..

  7. Reply
    Off the Cuff with Vince August 10, 2020 at 9:33 am

    First off. Its a travesty that you two aren’t on SNL. Second, you guys should legit start your own version of SNL. No Lorne Michael’s. No NBC execs. No rules. I’m sure Bobby Lee would be down. Maybe even Griff

  8. Jeremiah stuck in Windows XP Desktop

  9. Reply
    12 Acres in Carefree August 10, 2020 at 9:36 am

    12:29 and 23:00

  10. Pushing Kratoms huh ? Times are tough

  11. I love that a joe Biden campaign add came up on the middle of this 🤣🤣🤣

  12. LMAO. A sober straight edge Catholic promoting Kratom? Yikes. Almost as bad as your BLM video

  13. To anyone thinking about trying kratom after seeing that ad: be careful and do your research. It feels like an opiate, and it’s addictive. In my experience, withdrawals are like a mild opiate withdrawal. I was addicted for ~5 years and it was not a good time.

  14. Uh-oh….Jeremiah saw “A Tale of Two Trumps”, and is now a full-blown conspiracy theorist.

    The corn cobs were bound to fall out his ears, eventually.

  15. Yo kratom is def physically addictive just be aware

  16. Definitely one of the best podcasts ever podcasted in the history of podcasting

  17. I can’t wait to see how many times Adam breaks during this comedy masterpiece!!! 😂🤣 @6:38 13:15 15:17 16:19 23:41 24:14

  18. The most amazing thing I’ve ever watched stoned. Thank you.

  19. Awful, just Awful.

  20. The hackiest impression of the last 4 years for 30 minutes x2. No thanks.

  21. Adam Ray just kills it every time.

  22. Adams wig is a 10/10.

  23. Jeremiah doing Kratom ad reads is the most 2020 thing I’ve seen this week and it’s only Monday.

  24. Stop peddling drugs lol


  26. Where are frank and will when you need them

  27. Probably the funniest thing you’ve done together 😂

  28. Jeremiah-
    You are so awesome man. So glad I found your channel. Love your wide spread of talents and comedy. Keep hustlin baby!

  29. Why did I get an ad for wholesale plastic bags while watching…

  30. More! More!

  31. I hope there’s a clip of this to share on Twitter 😂


    As an experienced user of kratom and opiates please read this if you’re considering kratom it’s not all doom and gloom but it’s vital info I believe.

    I’d only really recommend IF it’s used recreationaly it should be used in moderation like alcohol for example..
    However where kratom really shines and truly should be used is to help opiate addicts get off actual opiates as it is highly effective (red vein borneo preferably for opiate effects) – it made unbearable withdrawals from huge amounts of morphine and codeine daily use in the thousands of milligrams, actually bearable. Anyone who has been addicted to opiates knows how absolutely torturous withdrawals are knows that you’d reach for anything for even a slight, brief relief… Fortunately red vein kratom offers a huge relief from all the different horrible withdrawal symptoms – this is what I would recommend kratom for, in a heartbeat, however heed the warnings from the other people as they are correct, if used daily you will experience what would be like a mild opiate withdrawal, low dose recreational codeine for example… However for people who are withdrawing from opiates the withdrawal is very very mild in comparison and a fantastic transition to then become sober after stopping the kratom. Also there is no overdose potential unless you are able to consume inhuman amounts… Which you wouldn’t be.

    There are other therapeutic uses like pain relief instead of strong opiates(red vein), insomnia relief(red) , fibro myalgia, anxiety(red veins mixed with some green or white), depression (white and green strains, although the relaxation of red strains can work for most people too)
    Red – relaxation, sleep, opiate like euphoria, pain relief. Used both daytime and in the night/before bed.
    Green – usually energetic, euphoric, but not too stimulating, usually only used in the day time.
    White – usually more euphoric and stimulating, definitely day time use.

    Mixing white or green strains with red strains as the majority extends the red strains effect time from 5 or 6 hours to 8+ hours sometimes.

    Using the red in a minority and white or green as the majority of the dose stops the white or green from being too stimulating.

    Just some info because this is a drug, so should be used with proper knowledge and taken seriously.

    Kinda surprised Jermiah is happy with it as a sponsor knowing his background and being straight edge 🤷‍♂️

  33. D-I-O-U-H-E-K-S-P-D-F-R-T-E-R-L-UH

  34. I FUCKING KNEW IT. I saw Adams song as Trump and figured, Hey Adam wouldn’t waste an opportunity to be on Jeremiah wonders.. but I wonder what Jerry will be.?