Jeremiah Wonders… #136 – Bruce Hardy Party Planner: Helping Billionaire Reginald Fontaine III

Jeremiah Wonders… #136 – Bruce Hardy Party Planner: Helping Billionaire Reginald Fontaine III Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Jeremiah wonders… with Bruce Hardy & Reginald Fontaine III!
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  1. Tim and Eric’s Billion Dollar Movie.

  2. Might as well start a show…

  3. I think we are all losing it in quarantine a bit 😂😂

  4. You two are so good together. Adam Ray is fucking hilarious

  5. Fantastic! Its 3:30am and i just woke my old lady up laughing to loud.

  6. Reply
    Jaime Javier Garcia August 3, 2020 at 12:29 am

    I love you guys. Keep up the killer work.

  7. Lmao!! Watching Adam break is the best!!! 🤣 @5:51 17:18 14:31 13:33 15:40

  8. Anyone else here from redtube… for a friend

  9. 0:25

  10. “Got em” LMAO

  11. You two are seriously perfect together. 🤣

  12. Jeremiah slinging that good Kratom

  13. Amazing 👍

  14. I thought I was going crazy but maybe I am

  15. Every combination of you two is gold. Make this its own cast already. Adam’s spice goes perfect with Jeremiah’s stew.


  17. If you two dont start making a weekly podcast in characters I will kill my 4 year old daughter

  18. I feel like in 20 years Bruce changes his name to Phil and becomes Dr Phil.

  19. Hell ya! Never would have thought I’d see a kratom ad. It’s not completely studied over decades but it is definitely a great alternative in moderation

  20. Funny stuff. 😀

  21. The funniest shit ever… gotta do a movie, on location, on his father’s boat lol who is that guy?? With the teeth? 😁

  22. These two right here. Holy 🐄 . The world needs more of this!

  23. Bruce “aka gay steve harvey” Hardy

  24. Love this

  25. Adam Ray? More like Adam Gay!

  26. I don’t even recognise Dr Phil underneath all that make up

  27. This was fontaine’-stic. More…MOOOOORRRREEEE!

  28. Omg yes

  29. “I lived there for 3 weeks in the 80s”

  30. What do you guys think of sk Kratom?

  31. You guys nailed it

    Keep him on as regular

  32. Jeremiah needs more love! He’s funny af

  33. You guys are fucking great hahaha

  34. Adam Ray of Sunshine

  35. butt plugs?
    invested in em
    HAHAHA holy shit i love this week by week constantly killing it

  36. yes its a clydesdale LOL

  37. I found all those cans in my bassinet!”

  38. Dr. Filth

  39. I’ll send you one of my fingers for more Dr Phil bits pls

  40. Subed. You mentioned kratom. I love it

  41. You two really need to start your own podcast together.

  42. Jeremiah Baby! What did we do to deserve such a high level of improv comedy? Thanks you

  43. Might be the hardest I’ve laughed in 10 years. Maybe ever. 🤣🤣😄

  44. Best one yet. You and Bruce have amazing chemistry

  45. These last few podcasts with adam ray have made me laugh harder than any in years. Pppllleeeasse keep this a regular thing with you two

  46. Black lives matters except they don’t

  47. I watch this like 2 times everyday lmao too good 🙌🏼

  48. This podcast is perfect for Reggie Watts as a guest