Jamar Neighbors – Jesus, Take The Snake

Jamar Neighbors – Jesus, Take The Snake Sponsored by SpeedWeed

This week, Jamar Neighbors (Keanu) is along for the ride down to Dumb People Town! The Sklars and Daniel Van Kirk talk to Jamar about the origins of The Comedy Store & Comedy Central’s Roast Battle.  Jamar tells the DPT crew how Cedric The Entertainer encouraged him to be a comedian, how he landed his role in Keanu, and how he quit substitute teaching. 

Story #1,  a woman gets her pet stuck in her gauged earlobe.

Story #2 is the saga of some sword tricks gone wrong. 

The final Story is the tale of a woman with an unwelcome intruder in her skull. 

To wrap it all up, Harrison Ford leaves a voicemail about his rights as a pilot. 

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