Holidays are canceled, Exotic Flavors, Sampling & Covid Horrors- Shenk x Shenk

Holidays are canceled, Exotic Flavors, Sampling & Covid Horrors- Shenk x Shenk Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Comedian Sara Weinshenk sits down to answer your questions in this week’s podcast. She discusses everything from holidays to kittens and mask shit-talking and power walking playlists.

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  1. fuck holidays i’m glad they’re over !!! but all i’ve been doing is getting baked & binge watching horror movies in ~ quarantine ~

  2. I skipped Nick Cave to see
    Luscious Jackson when I
    went to Lollapalooza.
    I made the right choice✌️😜

  3. F Joe B!!! #Trump2020

  4. peaches babe

  5. Shenk is killing it this morning. Laughing while I work. PSA’s for fruits and veggies.

  6. i too was a leashed kid. it was a rainbow pattern leash 🙂

  7. you know . . . if you wore a tighter blouse I would be much more interested in your pot-induced stream of consciousness

  8. Please don’t cut your Pocahontas hair Sara

  9. Cornhole connoisseur here. The beanbags used to be sacks full of dried corn and you throw ’em through holes. Cornhole.

  10. 0:00 “I hope your day is full of..”
    5:04 Holidays and holidon’ts
    14:20 Cat-astrophe, corona cuisine
    22:28 “4 espressos and a little pinch of cinnamon above.. Atop.”
    28:51 Power playlist
    33:37 New adventures of old America and the toiletpaperpanicpeople
    43:47 A deep longing for sharing soda sips and sign-off

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