From a Distance- Jeremiah Watkins feat. Erik Griffin (Official Music Video)

From a Distance- Jeremiah Watkins feat. Erik Griffin (Official Music Video) Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Wear a mask b****! If rappers were responsible…
Written and Directed by Jeremiah Watkins
Music Produced by Professor C @professorcmusic

Jeremiah Watkins @jeremiahstandup
Erik Griffin @erikgriffin
Sydney Maler @sydneyamaler
Nikki Howard @nikki_howard
Lauren Compton @iamlaurencompton
Leah Lamarr @leahlamarr

Director of Photography/ Producer- Gray Morison @graymorison
Director of Photography/ Editor/ Colorist- Kiel Eulberg @kielsthedsal
Producer/ BTS Photography- Van Corona @vancorona
Producer- Chris McMillan @chris_4933
Grip/ Production Assistant- Abraham Luciano @callmehlincoln
Drone Operator- Justin Mark Morrison @justinmarkmorrison
Executive Producer- Gino Gentile
Executive Producer- Jeremiah Watkins
Filmed at Betterbox Studios

Choir Vocals
Shelley Regner @shelleyregner
Leah Lamarr @leahlamarr
Leah Knauer @leahknauer
Kira Soltanovich @kiracomedy
Nikki Bon @nikkibon
Kylee Wofford @kyleeyall
Nicky Bernal
Tania Estrada @taniaestrada334
Ali Lu
Klee Wiggins @kleewigginssf
Dee Priser
Sarah Fatemi @sarahfatemicomedy
Jihan Sabir @jihan.sabir
Josh Adam Meyers @joshadammeyers
Erik Griffin @erikgriffin
Jeremiah Watkins @jeremiahstandup

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  1. I’m ready

  2. Riff giff

  3. Erik looks 60 years old

  4. Why is everyone so old looking lol comedy

  5. We need an official video for “I need you” and we need it produced with some modern pop production with samples and beats.

    My wife and I danced to this song at our wedding for our slow dance during the reception.

  6. Reply
    JoeAudioProductions August 5, 2020 at 8:32 am

    I think Jeremiah should start dropping more music videos. Comedy or original music. He’s entertaining.

  7. I liked it

  8. Next ft 6ix9ine

  9. Whoever made this deserves a pat on the back

  10. Here’s looking at you Tom and Bert… What you got???

  11. Litty Like A Titty 🔥

  12. Reply
    Jaime Javier Garcia August 5, 2020 at 9:07 am

    Yes!! I love it!

  13. gang gang

  14. 2020 best new duo