FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS, VOL. 21 (Live at @The Comedy Store)

FRIDAY NIGHT FIGHTS, VOL. 21 (Live at @The Comedy Store) Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Live from the Belly Room, Kevin Mac and Jane Johnsen put the “dis” in “social distancing” in the latest edition of Roast Battle’s Friday Night Fights, with judging from Tony Hinchcliffe and Jay Light.


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  1. Roast Battle is an oxymoron, which if I understand the English language means “big dumb cow”!

    I have watched many of these supposed “roast battles” and have come away with the conclusion that there is always one participant with their cheat sheet of what were supposed to be jokes going up against someone that looks more likely to have lost their way to the restroom and somehow ended up on stage! 😂🤣

  2. Eeeesh. Is this the content they play for prisoners at GITMO?

  3. dude what the hell is up with the sound ? Did you sound guy get corona or something?

  4. dude worst roast battle ever

  5. Love how my comment was deleted. I guess comedic censorship is real.

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