Eating Breakfast w/ Jeremiah #14- Shane Gillis, Rick Glassman & Dulce Sloan!

Eating Breakfast w/ Jeremiah #14- Shane Gillis, Rick Glassman & Dulce Sloan! Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Eating Breakfast w/ Jeremiah, Shane Gillis, Rick Glassman & Dulce Sloan! Featured breakfast: Peanut Butter Crunch Cliff Bar & Whole Grain Cheez-Its. What should I eat next?! #ShaneGillis #RickGlassman #DulceSloan #Breakfast #JeremiahWatkins #Vlog

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  1. In times like these i just need to have a bowl of positivity with Jeremiah.

  2. Watched the live show last night at Helium. Laughed my ass off.

  3. Jeremiah Watkins is autotuned…..into my heart

  4. My boy Rick killing it! Those 2 together are so good. Such an odd mixture but it works so well

  5. love the punch line…..a horse!

  6. rock chalk

  7. Jeremiah looks like the stoner Marty from cabin In the woods

  8. Jeremiah should stay in Trump character until the election is officially called.

  9. Mr. Cool

  10. Shouts to all my fellow glassmanboppers and tysogoblins

  11. Fruit Loops and B-ball Hoops

  12. I just skip the autotune singing, it hurts me

  13. Shout out dawgz

  14. Scoot doo

  15. The young bull munching on some toast. It’s like Planet Earth watching an animal at a watering hole.

  16. Reply
    KrospBrothers Fishing November 5, 2020 at 1:13 am

    You sounded eerily like Shannon Hoon from Blind Melon lol Great show man!

  17. Glassman bopper checking in

  18. Ya know, I like to try and be positive most of the time… but god damn is the singing is terrible and cringey please stop this immediately

  19. You should get Gillis and Mullen on the show

  20. Jeremiah’s at Jeff Ross’s house

  21. Who wants to watch and listen to people eat? Gross

  22. Ole crowsfeet gillis

  23. Hi jer bear

  24. Man we had fun the other night at Chris’s

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