Double Condoms, MLK, Prison Reform + Favorite Words w/ Comedian Brian Simpson

Double Condoms, MLK, Prison Reform + Favorite Words w/ Comedian Brian Simpson Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Comedian Sara Weinshenk sits down w/ Comedian Brian Simpson. They discusses everything from the for-profit prison system to racism, kindles, dental dams, favorite words and Brian’s experience in the military.

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  1. My favourite words in the english language are probably “Catastrophe” because it involves cats and mayhem (which is also a good word), i also like “trepidation or trepedatious” because it sounds funny when you say it. Not sure what my favorite Swedish words are, “Lagom” is a pretty good word because it means “just the right amount” in a strange way but its also a boring word because its kinda defines sweden / swedes. “Nja” is a pretty good one, its kind of a hesitant “yes” or a “no” (“Nej” means no, “Ja” means yes and “nja” is kinda in between depending on the mood).

  2. Reply
    Karina Washington July 29, 2020 at 9:53 am


  3. This is episode is full 🐂💩!!!

  4. 🤣 no one in family have a house. I dad came from Mexico not knowing English working as a garbage man has two houses in Texas. I have two houses one there in the USA and one in Mexico.

  5. Reply
    HisRoyalDudeliness July 29, 2020 at 12:27 pm

    Calling midgets gnomes is deeply offensive to me.

  6. Big fan, Sara! I love this episode! So glad you introduced me to the comedy of Brian Simpson! 🙌

  7. 0:00 “I hope your day is full of..”
    2:34 Improvise, adapt, overcome
    13:21 White woke wake-up call
    21:35 Free the children, crunch the numbers
    33:51 Dental dams and double domers
    38:39 Less revolvers, more problem solvers
    46:56 Wet for words
    58:11 Precision purchases not “Oh! Plums are back!”

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