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PFFN | Purple Pie | 1/2oz
14g of littles. Bred by Stoned Ninja, Purple Pie is a cross between a female GSC and a male Ninja Fruit. Purple Pie puts out beautiful purple buds thanks to its Ninja Fruit influences, while holding onto an absolutely potent high from both parents. Give Purple Pie a shot if you love old school purple genetics.
PFFN | Space Cake | 1/2oz
14g of littles. Bodhi Seeds’ Space Cake crosses GSC Forum Cut and Snow Lotus. This strain takes the famous GSC to new heights by increasing yield and trichome production thanks to a healthy Snow Lotus male. The flavor profile is still in the cookies realm with creamy flavors that are accompanied by notes of fruit and berries. The potent high leaves you wondering if your feet are touching the ground.