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PAX | Concentrate Insert
The PAX Concentrate Insert enables you to switch from dry herb to wax. Simply remove the oven lid, replace it with the wax insert, and choose the ideal temperature for oils (420F or higher). Precision-crafted by the OEM for efficiency and ease-of-use, this advanced extracts insert creates smooth, flavor-rich clouds out of only a pea-sized drop of wax. Load your concentrates in seconds and enjoy potent hits on-the-go! This 100% authentic wax insert features a convenient magnetic lock for snap-on attachment. Loading your PAX with wax is quick and easy. Cleaning is just as painless. While most dab attachments feature threaded connections, this one requires no unscrewing, saving you time and energy. The magnets used are of high coercive force for a swift snapping connection. These two powerful neodymium magnets keep the insert firmly attached, but also easily removable. The concentrate insert is compatible with PAX 2 and PAX 3. Both vaporizers share identical dimensions, including their ovens, making the wax insert cross-compatible. Instructions for using the insert are also the same across both devices.
PAX | PAX Era Device
The effortless pen-and-pod system for oil. Control temperature, flavor and potency, and achieve session predictability. Experience a new Era.