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Mack 10 | Red Gas
American Rapper Mack 10, in collaboration with Andretti Cannabis Company, is bursting onto the scene with a flavorful gassy OG. Andretti Cannabis Co. growers carry decades of experience as cannabis cultivators, tracing their OG’s genetics back through generations of cannabis growing. Andretti Cannabis Co. thrives thanks to the particular, meticulously technical growing methods of its cultivators. They use no PGR, no phospho-load or any other carcinogens to make them grow, simply letting the plant do its thing. Andretti's OG's are cut when they're ready, not on a calendar date, and the utter lack of pesticides offers a truly natural cannabis experience. Using coco grow, LED and HPS lights and moderate watering, Andretti's strains grow to perfection, resulting in a smoking experience that’s both original and classic.