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F/ELD | Connected Biscotti x Gushers | 1g Live Resin
Connected's Biscotti x Gushers cross processed into refined live resin by F/ELD extracts. From Connected: "We took our award winning Biscotti strain with all of its coffee chocolatey goodness and paired it with the gassy intensity of Gushers. When we married these two strains together we were hoping for a bigger yield and a potency that blew you out of the water... we think we nailed it. Strain Genetics: (South Florida OG x Gelato 25) X (Triangle Kush x Gelato 41)."
F/ELD | Alien Labs Area 41 | 1g Live Resin
Alien Labs Area 41 flower processed into refined live resin by F/ELD extracts. Area 41 was bred and selected with the intention of bringing big gas back to the flavor conversation and power back to the top shelf. By lending the bag appeal of Gelato 41 to an old school OG cut and selecting it based on the flavor of the Lemon Fuel OG, we think Area 41 checks every box.