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Coastal Sun | Banjo
Hailing from Santa Cruz-based breeder Strong Agronomy, Banjo is a Sativa-dominant cross between Tangelo and Boost. This strain emits a strong aroma of cheese layered with sour citrus, while its smoke contains elements of both mixed with the sharp piney flavor of Diesel.
Coastal Sun | Iced Lemonaid (H/S)
Iced Lemonaid is a tart sativa-dominant hybrid, part of Coastal Sun's Select Sativa Series, and adhering to its namesake in aroma and flavor. A deep citrus smell, taste of tart lemons on the exhale, and all the satisfaction of a sipping a chilled lemonade on a scorching summer day. Iced Lemonaid puts the mind into a haze and settles over the body with calming warmth. A terrific all-day strain for those seeking to take the edge and stress out of the day, but remain functional.
Coastal Sun | THC Bomb
With hints of woodgrain and lemon diesel, this sativa dominant hybrid offers both potency and flavor. THC Bomb is a hybrid created by Bomb Seeds, and true to its name was developed to have high THC levels. This bomb won’t completely knock you off your feet though. Users can expect a well balanced hybrid effect that remains focused, relaxed, and creative. Large bud are covered in bright orange hairs and emit an earthy and fruity flavor profile.
Coastal Sun | Sour Strawberry
This beautiful cultivar LOVES growing in our greenhouse, and we love it back. Sour Strawberry is a smooth & delicious hybrid that will leave your body pleasantly buzzing and your mind calm & content. Weighing in at an astounding 30% THC, there are PLENTY of cannabinoids to go along with the tasty flavors & aromas, which offer generous doses of fruit and a touch of gas. Flavors: Fruity, Sweet & Sour Mood: Body Buzz, Calm Center Cross: Sour Bubble x East Coast Sour Diesel x Strawberry Cough x Razzberry
Coastal Sun | GMO Garlic Cookies
A pungent garlicky cross between Chemdawg and Cookies strains with sticky resinous buds that give way to a strong, savory, classic high.
Coastal Sun | Coastal Creamsicle
Coastal Sun's Coastal Creamsicle was created using two of the sweetest strains around, Juicy Fruit and Orange Crush, resulting in a fruity citrus blast of Sativa-strain uplift! This is the epitome of all-day use flower, due to it's balancing body high and calming cerebral adventures. This bud is infamous among users and non-users alike for its super creamy and vanilla citrus flavor that stays on your tongue long after you take a toke.
Coastal Sun | Pie Gal
This strain is unique to say the least, and we can't wait for everyone to experience it. It's a part of our Select Sativa Series, and blends just enough fruit for an extremely clean and balanced smell, taste, inhale & exhale. Breeders: Jungleboys x Coastal Star Cross: Jack Herer x Purple Punch x Larry OG x Shiva Shanti Our version of the Jungleboys sativa-dominant classic was hand selected by one of our founding partners secret squirrel breeders. After getting his hands on the choicest cut (we won't say how), the secret breeder ran several pheno-hunts with multiple pollen donors to arrive at this bubble gum beauty. The resultant cross delivers the true earthy essence only Jack can, but with a fruit forward terpene profile creating an exceptionally balanced effect. Originally named Pai Gow, we referred to it as such until a short time ago, when our star Post-Harvest Tech Brittany mentioned, "We should call this Pie Gal instead, because it smells like something my mom would pull out of the oven when I was a lil' girl".