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Coastal Sun | Banjo
Hailing from Santa Cruz-based breeder Strong Agronomy, Banjo is a Sativa-dominant cross between Tangelo and Boost. This strain emits a strong aroma of cheese layered with sour citrus, while its smoke contains elements of both mixed with the sharp piney flavor of Diesel.
Coastal Sun | THC Bomb
With hints of woodgrain and lemon diesel, this sativa dominant hybrid offers both potency and flavor. THC Bomb is a hybrid created by Bomb Seeds, and true to its name was developed to have high THC levels. This bomb won’t completely knock you off your feet though. Users can expect a well balanced hybrid effect that remains focused, relaxed, and creative. Large bud are covered in bright orange hairs and emit an earthy and fruity flavor profile.
Coastal Sun | Iced Lemonaid (H/S)
Iced Lemonaid is a tart sativa-dominant hybrid, part of Coastal Sun's Select Sativa Series, and adhering to its namesake in aroma and flavor. A deep citrus smell, taste of tart lemons on the exhale, and all the satisfaction of a sipping a chilled lemonade on a scorching summer day. Iced Lemonaid puts the mind into a haze and settles over the body with calming warmth. A terrific all-day strain for those seeking to take the edge and stress out of the day, but remain functional.