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3C Farms | Strawbinati
3C took two of their most popular strains (Strawberry Fields and Illuminati), crossed them, then crossed them again with Fruity Pebbles, to bring you this fabulous hybrid. Strawbinati’s combination of sweet and earthy gives it a unique aroma and flavor found in no other strain out there.
3C Farms | Crystal Skull OG
A relatively recent OG descendent, Crystal Skull OG is a highly potent strain that was gifted to 3C farms by Moxie. One of our most pungent strains, Crystal Skull OG has been described as having a mild fuel-like aroma. Like other OG strains, Crystal Skull OG produces relaxing and sedative effects.
3C Farms | Chemdawg Trails
A combination of far-east strains Nepalese and Thai, Chemdawg Trails produces an energetic, yet focused effect, making it perfect for daytime use. This strain can be enjoyed before and during a long day to keep you on task, but not overwhelmed.