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15 Mind Blowing Math Facts | Insane but True Sponsored by SpeedWeed

Did you know there are more ways to shuffle a deck of cards than there are atoms in the universe? Seems crazy, but it’s true. Today The Why Files covers amazing math facts (and tricks) that will convince your friends you have super powers.

Math is everywhere. It’s the source code of the universe. Most of the time math makes perfect sense. But sometimes math just gets…. weird.

These math facts that will blow your mind. You’ll learn about the Birthday Paradox, secrets of Pi, how to create numeric palindromes with your mind, and our favorite: the mysteries of the number nine.

How many people do you need to get together before you find two that have the same birthday? Here’s a hint: not that many.

How quickly can you calculate 1,111,111 squared? We’ll show you how to solve this in 5 seconds. You won’t believe the answer when you see it.

And nines? Nines have a whole thing going on. Multiplying by nines = magic. Squaring nines = pure sorcery!

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— Contents of this video ———————
00:00 – Making History
00:53 – Logo
00:57 – Introduction
01:51 – Birthday Paradox
03:02 – String Around the Earth
04:51 – Palindrome 1s
07:06 – Making History AGAIN
07:17 – Mysterious Nines
11:25 – Exponential Progression
15:30 – Factorials
19:13 – BIG Numbers
22:00 – Thanks for watching!
22:26 – Outtakes

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